Frequently Asked Questions

About our Properties

Are mineral rights included?

Unless stated in the description, mineral rights are not included. We have never found this to be an issue with any of the properties we have sold.

How much are property taxes? Are there back taxes associated with the property?

We guarantee that all of the taxes are current for any of our properties. Yearly property taxes vary from property to property, but can be checked by calling the county assessor or checking their website. We also include all of the tax information that we have in the posting. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions or need help calculating taxes.

Why is the property so cheap?

We specialize in purchasing undervauled and unwanted properties, often in bulk at discounted prices. This way we can pass the savings on to you and sell at wholesale prices.

Can I go look at the property before I buy it?

Yes. Some of our properties you can drive right up to, and other properties may require 4 wheel drive. Using the GPS coordinates you are able to go look and see the land for yourself. You don’t need to ask our permission, feel free to just go.

What else can you tell me about the property?

We put all of the information that we have in the posting. We buy property for the sole purpose of reselling it at below wholesale prices to you. In order to keep our prices so low, we have not visited the property, etc. For any questions not covered in the posting, please contact the county.

Can I raise animals or crops on the property?

Often times, yes. Please contact the county for permitted property use.

Can I put a trailer, shipping containers, or something similar on the property?

Often times, yes. There are all kinds of local guidelines that are different from one side of the street to the other in some cases. Check the local zoning rules with the county.

Do you own the neighboring property or other property in the area?

We very well might! Please look at our available properties to check.

Can I resell your properties?

Absolutely, please do! We sell land very inexpensively, often below wholesale prices. Feel free to mark them up and sell them. We would be glad to help you with any paperwork.

What is an APN?

The APN stands for Assessor’s Parcel Number or more commonly referred to as the parcel number. This is a way to identify the property with the county.

Does the property have utilities?

Unless indicated in the description, the properties do not tend to have utilities. There are plenty of ways to get utilities to the property, sometimes utilities are available at the lot line, and they’re also perfect to be "off the grid" or for solar or wind-powered “green getaway.”

Selling Land

How can I sell my land to you?

The process is very simple. You can either fill out the fast offer form here or give us a call. If the land is one that would fit our investment criteria, we will call you with a cash offer. When we come to an agreement on a price, we will take care of everything. We pay all closing costs and even pay a notary to bring the documents to you for your signature. All you need to do is sign and get paid!

How long does it take to get an offer from you?

We typically respond with a cash offer in 1-2 days.

How long does it take to close on my property?

If necessary, we can close in as quickly as 2 days. Typically, we schedule closings for 10 business days but are willing to make it convenient for you. Whether you want to close within a week or a month, we can usually accommodate it.

My property has back taxes or a lien on it. Will you still buy it?

Absolutely! Many of the properties we purchase have back tax issues. As long as the back taxes are within reason, we will pay the back taxes at the time of title transfer. Remember, we take care of ALL fees associated with the purchase of your property.

If I get an offer, am I obligated to sell my land to you?

Not at all! You have nothing to lose from just finding out what we would offer you for your land.

Are there any fees associated with selling you my property?

No! We do not charge fees to buy your land - in fact, we pay all notary fees, document recording costs, etc. We make our money with the investment and do not need to make more by charging you a commission.

Do you buy land that needs improvements?

We do. In fact, this is our specialty. Most properties we buy need improvements. We can handle anything.

Do you buy land that already has improvements?

If you have land that does not need improvements or has some form of improvement, don’t worry, We buy those properties, too.

How did you know that I owned this property?

We receive all of our information from the county in which your property is located. All private property owners are registered with the county assessor and county recorder. This data is public information and searchable.

How do you determine the offer price for my property?

Several factors go into our offer price. The location, topography, proximity to roads and to utilities and size of parcel or number of acres are all factors that go into our offer price. Another factor is that quite often we own several parcels or acres of land in the same area we and that is helpful for us. Much of the land we purchase is located in very rural locations and the offer price takes this into consideration as well.

What fees are involved with the sale of my property?

We will pay all of the fees associated with the sale of your property. The price we agree to pay you for your property is the exact amount you will receive from us.

Some or all of the people listed on the deed are deceased – I owe back taxes – I can not find my copy of the deed or the dog ate my deed – The property is in a bad location with limited access – Are you still interested in purchasing my land?

Absolutely! Lost deeds, deceased property owners and difficult to find properties are all things that we can typically handle. We are still interested in your property and look forward to working with you.

About the Process

Can I buy land if I am not based in the US?

Absolutely! American land can be bought by anyone who is not subject to American trade restrictions. If you don't know about them - you can most likely buy our land.

Do I need a real estate agent or an attorney to buy or sell land?

Not at all! They sure would like you to think so though, for the commision they get! Real estate agents tend to market land for what it might be worth if the ideal buyer comes along some day, and then tack on their fees. We market land for a quick sale and don't have any of their fees - getting you the best price. We’ve also simplified the buying process with straightforward, easy-to-read contracts. Of course, we encourage you to hire your own professional if you think it’s necessary but we’ve done our best to make the process easy for anyone to understand.

I bought the property! How do I get it in my name?

We will record the deed in your name according to the information you provide us. We will send you a photocopy of everything that we send to the county for your records and tracking. The county will record the deed and send you the original copy. This typically takes 2 weeks, but can vary based on the county.

Can I record my own title?

Sure, we would be more than happy to send you what you need to record your own title. If you're new or just want it all handled for you we would love to record it for you.

Can I buy land in my kids' names?

Yes, one of the nice things about transferring land in the US is that the buyer does not have to sign. The seller signs as the grantor granting the property to the Grantee or receiver of the grant. A child not of age does not need to sign to receive or take ownership of land. Please note that they may have a hard time selling it until they are of age.

Why should I buy from you and not a real estate agent?

Real estate agent’s fees can range from 2% to 10% of the purchase price. We eliminate the middleman, saving you even more.

What should I do after receiving my deed?

The deed you receive from us (whether via mail, email, directly from a traveling notary) will be a copy. We will send the original deed directly to the county and pay any filing fees. After processing, the county will send the original filed deed directly to you. In other words, just sit back and relax. We will do all of the work for you! When the county mails you your original deed, store it carefully (we also recommend keeping a signed copy) and CONGRATULATIONS on your new property!